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Press relations or public relations are both terms that apply to the marketing actvity that is usually referred to as PR, and relates to the creation of publicity.
PR is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools, capable of transforming a company's reputation.
PR is an essential component of any effective marketing plan, and is aknowledged as vital in the building of a brand. So, why would you want to build a brand? Well, your brand represents the essence of what you do and why your customers are prepared to pay for your product or service. It should be something that sets you appart from your competitors, and every marketing vehicle that you produce, including your PR should reflect and build upon your brand proposition.
Buttonwood Marketing is a UK based full service B2B agency, providing professional marketing services including PR, editorial, copywriting, email marketing, design, direct mail, web site optimisation and management,advertising and marketing consultancy.

As a PR Agency, we want to know what your brand proposition is, so that we can ensure that your key mesages are not blurred by irrelevant or pointless PR. At Buttonwood Marketing we deliver PR that builds your brand and generates new business - ask our customers...